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Peugeot Wheelchair Taxis

Peugeot Partner Wheelchair Taxi

The Peugeot Partner Wheelchair Taxi available in all years. G9 compliant with technical assessors report

The Peugeot Partner has become one of the most popular wheelchair accessible taxis due its competitive price, versatility and on the road costs.

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Peugeot Expert Wheelchair Taxi

The Peugeot Expert is a strong and reliable wheelchair taxi. With 2 litre diesel engine it is big enough to cater for most wheelchairs with up to 6 additional passengers or at maximum 7 additional passengers when no wheelchair is present. Can also be configured for use with two wheelchairs.

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Peugeot Traveller Wheelchair Taxi

The Peugeot Traveller is a Luxury Model MPV which is a follow on from the highly successful Peugeot Expert. This Vehicle can allow you to carry up to 8 passengers or 6 passengers plus wheelchair occupant. This Model offers you the highest quality in comfort and style.

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